Update website & I


full moon Photo by Brian Breeden on Unsplash

7 years had passed since the last web site renewal…


I made excuses about not updating the website due to a busy work schedule, but in reality, it didn’t hold any significance to anyone other than myself…


I had been continuously learning and had a desire to share it with others, despite using the excuse of being busy with work.

でもずっと何かを学んではいて、それを世に出したいと思っていた。 仕事が忙しいという言い訳をしながらも。

Whether it was due to aging, the impact of the pandemic-induced changes in the world, or simply a growing sense of wanting to live more authentically as myself, I found myself thinking that it might be okay to embrace who I truly am.


I thought what I’d do was, I’d set out to create an app.



These English sentence using ChatGPT and DeepL, relying on my language skills and experience at the level of completing junior high school.

Good day ! ;-)

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